During the day, I work at a food justice nonprofit, advocating for community solutions and thinking a lot about hunger, poverty, health, and food systems. I’m a former chef (although you never really stop being a chef), and I do splurge a bit on good food. So far this year, I’ve visited– or plan to visit– nine states and four countries. The rest of the time I live and share my couch in Brooklyn.

This blog came about because I spend a fair amount of time on the road within the US, and friends had lots of questions about where to go and what to eat. Some people I know say they can’t travel because they can’t afford to. My parents taught me that you can travel and experience new things on a budget. And working in hospitality, I learned to navigate systems of exchange other than monetization. I find beauty in simple things and nature in unexpected places. Writing is restorative for me and I hope you find it interesting.

I can be reached at budgetnomadblog AT gmail.com or @foodandfury.




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