New Hope, PA, Briefly


I whirled through New Hope, Pennsylvania recently, my second time in the state this summer. The trip was a bit more challenging than expected, but this is definitely a cute spot to keep in mind. The town itself is colorful and artsy, with lots of restaurants and antique shops. The streets are terraced against the banks of the Delaware river. It’s lush and green countryside.


The tourists were out in droves. We had a mediocre dinner at an overpriced spot, then wandered down the street just in time for Friday night fireworks. Then we had ice cream at the delightful, family-owned Nina’s Waffles and Sweets. Three of us shared five scoops of homemade ice cream for five bucks– an amazing deal. But the real standout were the liege waffles, made with pearl sugar, which carmelizes and stays crunchy in places. Delicious!


We stayed at the Day’s Inn in nearby Doylestown to save money. Coming from the city, it was like sleeping in a cave. The next morning, we headed to the Buck’s County Audubon Society at Honey Hollow for an event. I saw about a dozen species of birds on a quick walk to the bird blind, but didn’t have a chance to explore the trails. And there were great specimens on exhibit in the visitor’s barn.

Until next time!


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