Mexico City: Nightlife

at Patrick Miller

at Patrick Miller

We were in DF because my friends from La Joteria (queer Latin event producers), DJ Precolumbian, and my sweetie, DJ Shomi Noise, had been invited by rappera Niña Dioz to perform. I was along for the ride. Once we got to DF, there were complications with the venue, after zealous suspensions of activities due to everything from noise violations to corruption (107 such closures in 2012, according to Time Out México. There were red “clausurado” signs all over town, and the crew had to scramble to find a new venue on short notice.

Zona Rosa, with its very gay row of bars with names like Kinky, Papi, and Touch, wasn’t the right fit for a queer vibe. (We did, however, have an adult beverage at Macho, a sausage fest of a bar with walls of full length mirrors, rainbow lights, a backroom shielded by a panel of plywood, and a smoke machine that spewed on the patrons at regular intervals.)

gay bears

gay bears

Another night we went to the long standing, steamy packed club named after it’s founding DJ, Patrick Miller. It was an 80s/90s throwback, a big, open space with a balcony wrapping around and high energy dance music, neon, and strobe lights. It reminded me of legendary Body and Soul parties in mid-90s NYC, with people sprinkling baby powder on the floor to keep from slipping, dance crews, and bodies of all types showing off their best moves. I especially enjoyed watching rotund middle age guys with beer bellies throw it down, carefree and childlike.

Ultimately, the party was held at Pulqueria Insurgentes, which had a nice vibe and good drinks. There were four floors with different music, but it felt more like a very cool house party than a big club. People danced to DJ Shomi Noise’s eclectic beats, and, as Niña Dioz put it, she kept doing something “unexpected,” playing everything from twerk and reggaeton to Mexican pop. Good times.

(l to r) DJ Shomi Noise and Niña Dioz

(l to r) DJ Shomi Noise and Niña Dioz


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