White Water Rafting on the Lehigh River


When you live in NYC, there is so much to do that sometimes it’s helpful to have someone else organize the fun. Particularly excursions involving nature and planning. My friend found a white water rafting trip on a meetup group (users join groups based on a common interest) in Pennsylvania.

We decided to stay overnight so we wouldn’t have to get up at dawn and we could make more of an adventure out of it. We went to the most hopping place in Mountaintop, King’s Pizzeria. I had a tasty margarita personal pizza. When we got the check, we were very surprised to learn that my friend’s vodka and soda cost a mere $2.75. $2.75! became our rally cry. Later that night, we played games and talked about sex.

I’m not much of a gearhead, but a recent trip white water rafting convinced me about two things: watershoes and something to secure my sunglasses. Having grown up swimming in the ocean, the gooey and fuzzy things at the bottom of a lake or river never appealed to me. Since I didn’t have water shoes on this trip, I wore sneakers (as recommended) and for the first time, swimming and floating in a river was an enjoyable experience. I was also warned to bring Croakies, but I didn’t have any. The rapids were little, but at one point I put my shades on top of my head, forgot about them, and soon after I wiped my hair out of my eyes, and plop! Later I saw this awesome, no frills solution to the no Croakies problem: rubber bands. Duh.

The rapids were little, only Class I. We were expecting Class 3, with dam releases and an abundance of rain this year. But mother nature didn’t comply. People were kind of disappointed and I wanted to amuse myself, so I started screaming “WHHEEE!” went we went through the rapids. Soon our entire raft was screaming like maniacs, bouncing in the raft, and spinning it around. Sometimes you have to create your own fun. Afterwards, there was a lovely barbecue. Then we headed home, glimpsing the Supermoon over the Manhattan skyline before we reached Brooklyn.


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