Extended Stays

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to live abroad for an extended period of time. And for a host of reasons (career goals and ambitions, family obligations, waiting for someone else, procrastination, fear), I have yet to make it happen. My friend Amy has done it a few times, and it’s something I admire about her. In this witty post, How I’m getting away with this whole thing, she shares practical tips for making this dream come true on a budget– everything from getting a deal on airfare to finding an inexpensive place to stay. For example:

Third most important thing – how can I get housing for free? Housing, unless you’re going to South America or Asia, will kill a small budget. The miracle of the internet is that if you have a dream, so do a half million other people and someone’s out there facilitating your dream for people like you. Sites that hook people up are generally great for making sure you won’t be sold into slavery once you arrive. They check people’s info, keep logs of all your communication through their site, and try to keep everyone safe. They also are big on peer comments, so you get to see what others have said about the place you’re going and how it was to be there. I joined http://www.mindmyhouse.com/ for $25/year  (or 2 yrs – can’t recall). This site is British, and loads of British people have second homes in Spain, so there were lots of situations in the country I was headed to. The challenge is finding someone who’s not just looking for a free caretaker/dogsitter. You may love dogs, but they can’t be left for weekend excursions and you could end up stranded at home most of the time. In which case, write a book. About the dog. I was extremely lucky that there was a small retreat center looking for someone exactly like me, but there are new posts all the time and there’s always something that might allow you to do someone a favor and still have flexibility.

Check out the whole post– and blog– here. Thanks for sharing, Amy!


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