Hotel Yoga


Photo by Creative Commons

Physical activity seems even more essential on the road. Many budget hotel fitness rooms are archaic, and some destinations just aren’t accommodating to pedestrians.

I like to stretch after sitting on a plane or at a conference, but I need the motivation and pacing of a class. I also don’t want to hunt around for a local class or deal with spaces that are judgmental about body size or ability. A friend suggested using yoga cds to improve my sun salutations, and I’ve been a convert ever since. (I go to an occasional class when I want to learn new poses.) I downloaded the cds into itunes and use them on the road.

Here are two that I like. Both of them have pictures of the poses that are helpful at first and both are suitable for beginners:

Basic Class with David Life Jivamukti Yoga Class Vol. 1 (CD & Poster)

Yoga Sanctuary: A Guided Hatha Yoga Practice for Home and on the Road with Shiva Rea

Great way to stretch on your own time, center yourself, and make friends with that industrial carpet.


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